Freeware VST-Audio-Effects (64-bit)

Here is a list of audio effects for users with a 64-bit host. The focus is laid first of all to plugins on Windows (x64) in Steinberg´s VST format. But Apple Mac users should be not angry. Indeed. Often people maybe think OSX plugins are rarer than their Windows counterpart but the list contains enough tools that it´s worth a look.

That´s the state of Saturday, 17. April 2016.

Melda Productions – FreeEffectsBundle (Win/OSX)
Blue Cat Audio – Freeware Plugins Pack II (Win/OSX)
Reaper – ReaPlugs VST FX Suite (Win)
eaReckon – Free87 Series (Win/OSX)
Xhip – Effects (Win)
HY-Plugins – All_Free_VST (Win)
SoundHack – Freesound Bundle (Win/OSX)
SoundHack – Delay Bundle (Win/OSX)

LVC-Audio – Limited-Z (Win/OSX)
vladg/sound – Limiter No.6 (Win/OSX)
Loudmax (Win/OSX)
Goodhertz – Faraday Limiter (OSX)

Klanghelm – MJUC jr. (Win/OSX))
Klanghelm – DC1A (Win/OSX)
TDR – Kotelnikov (Win/OSX)
vladg/sound – Molot (Win/OSX)
DCAM – FreeComp (Win/OSX)
Audio Damage – Rough Rider (Win/OSX)
jsAudio – jsCompShaper (Win)
Distorque Audio – Vitamin C (Win)
ATK – SideChainCompressor (Win/OSX)

EQs & Filters:
Voxengo – Marvel GEQ (Win/OSX)
Voxengo – Overtone GEQ (Win/OSX)
TDR – Nova (Win/OSX)
TDR – VOS SlickEQ (Win/OSX)
Brainworx – bx_cleansweep V2 (Win/OSX)
elysia – niveau filter (Win/OSX)
SPL – Free Ranger (Win/OSX)
Ohm Force – frohmage (Win/OSX)
IK Multimedia – T-RackS Classic Equalizer (Win/OSX)
vladg/sound – Nova-67P (Win/OSX)
Photosounder – SplineEQ (Win/OSX)
Mellowmuse – EQ1A (Win/OSX)
Shattered Glas Audio – Code Red Free (Win/OSX)

Distorsion & Saturation:
Softube – Saturation Knob (Win/OSX)
Audio Assault – Free Plug-ins (Win/OSX)
LVC-Audio – PhreePhuzz (Win/OSX)
Klanghelm IVGI (Win/OSX)
Tek´It Audio – Winkl (Win/OSX)
Distorque Audio – Rangebastard (Win)
Distorque Audio – Plusdistortion (Win)
Distorque Audio – Face Bender (Win)
Virtual Creations – 3LI73 Reducer (Win/OSX)
Shattered Glas Audio – SGA1566 (Win/OSX)
Audio Damage – FuzzPlus3 (Win/OSX)
Stagecraft Software – BitCrusher (Win/OSX)
DistoCore – Disto::Fx Free (Win/OSX)
AXP – Charbooster (Win)
AXP – SoftDrive GV (Win)

Virtual Amplifiers:
AXP – Flextron DC14 (Win)
Voxengo – Tube Amp (Win/OSX)
Voxengo – Boogex (Win/OSX)
AXP – SoftAmp FM25 (Win)
AXP – SoftAmp GT (Win)
AXP – SoftAmp 3OD (Win)

TAL Software – Reverb-4 (Win/OSX)
Voxengo – OldSkoolVerb (Win/OSX)
Signaldust – Abstract Chamber (Win)
vacuumsound – Poor Plate (Win/OSX)
PSP – PianoVerb (Win/OSX)
KResearch – KR-Reverb FS (Win/OSX)
Sanford Sound Design – Reverb (Win)
Freeverb3 (Win/OSX)

Voxengo – Sound Delay (Win/OSX)
ValhallaDSP – Valhalla Freq Echo (Win/OSX)
tonecarver – Delay8 (Win)
KResearch – KR-Delay FS (Win/OSX)
Stagecraft Software – Delay (Win/OSX)
Sanford Sound Design – Delay (Win)

TAL Software – Chorus-LX (Win/OSX)
Acon Digital – Acon Digital Multiply (Win)
Klevgränd – Svep (Win/OSX)
Distorque Audio – Azurite (Win)

Adam Szabo – Phazor (Win/OSX)
Audified – STA Phaser (Win/OSX)
Virtual Creations – Ultraphazer (Win/OSX)

TAL Software – Vocoder (Win/OSX)

Cableguys – PanCake 2 (Win/OSX)
TAL Software – Filter-2 (Win/OSX)
Alex Hilton – A1TriggerGate (Win/OSX)
Anarchy Rhythms / Anarchy Effects (Win/OSX)
Pecheneg Audio FX – AutoSwell Light (Win/OSX)
Pecheneg Audio FX – Tremolo (Win/OSX)
Stagecraft Software – AutoFilter (Win/OSX)
NUSofting – Anything Mod (Win/OSX)
Full Bucket Music – Frequency Shifter (Win)
Virtual Creations – FunkFX (OSX)
Virtual Creations – Ultrachopper (OSX)
Glitchmachines – Hysteresis (Win/OSX)

HOFA 4U – Meter, Fader & MS-Pan (Win/OSX)
HOFA 4U – Goniometer & Korrelator (Win/OSX)
TB-Software – dpMeter (Win/OSX)
IK Multimedia – T-RackS Metering module (Win/OSX)
MZuther – K-Meter (Win)
MZuther – traKmeter (Win)

Mastering & Mixing:
Sienda – FreeG (Win/OSX)
LVC-Audio – ClipShifter (Win/OSX)
LVC-Audio – Toned (Win/OSX)
Voxengo – SPAN (Win/OSX)
Voxengo – Stereo Touch (Win/OSX)
Voxengo – MSED (Win/OSX)
Voxengo – AnSpec (Win/OSX)
Brainworx – bx_solo (Win/OSX)
Alex Hilton – A1StereoControl (Win/OSX)
Cerberus Audio – Ice9 Automute (Win/OSX)
vacuumsound – ADT (Win/OSX)
vacuumsound – RIAA (Win/OSX)
Sanford Sound Design – Bass Tightener (Win)
Black Rooster Audio – The Canary (Win/OSX)

Free Effects for owners of
Native Istruments REAKTOR 5.9.2:
Boscomac – Instruments & FX (Win/OSX)

Useful Midi-Effects – Arppegiator & Chords:
CodeFN42 – RandARP (Win)
CodeFN42 – Chordz (Win)
mucoder – tonespace (Win/OSX)

Use 32-bit plugins in a 64-bit host(commercial software):
jBridge (Win)
jBridgeM (OSX)